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The Centre opens Monday to Friday

Afternoons from 2.30pm to 4.30pm ( for private readings only which can be booked in advance).  Evenings from 6pm. Private readings and two demonstrations nightly provided by a variety of independent Readers, Psychics, Mediums and New Age demonstrators. Private readings are booked on arrival at the centre.   £5.00 entry fee applies evenings only.


The Psychic Centre Glasgow has been established since 1993 and provides for individual One to One Readings.  The Centre is located  only ten minutes away from Glasgow City centre in the South-Side of Glasgow. At the centre we specialize in a wide variety of  New Age Interests, such as Tarot Readings, Psychic, Clairvoyance and Mediumship but to name a few of the different Fortune-Telling Methods.

Over the past years the centre has become extremely popular both for Glasgow Residents and Visitors to the city, who like to come along not only to listen to the very Gifted Demonstrators and Mediums, but also to treat themselves to a One to One Private Reading given by  very Experienced and Professional Readers 


Now that you have found us feel free to browse our site and If you have any comment or questions you would like to ask, or you simply would like more information and want to contact us  click on the contact button within this site. We hope you enjoy your vist to our site, but we would love it more if you gave us a visit  at The Psychic Centre, Glasgow , Scotland.   

The Psychic Centre is the oldest establishment of it?s kind in Scotland.

Our aim has always been and continues to be, to provide quality services to our many visitors and guests to the centre. We do appreciate that when visitors come to the centre that they may have a reason for that visit which is very personal  and emmotional to themselves. This is why we  alway have on hand  experienced staff to comfort and assist from the moment you enter the centre. Our staff can be totally unobtrusive but at the same time they are there to assist those who may seek  comfort at a very difficult time of their life. Our many years of being here simply tell us that.  

Readers within the centre are all Private Independant Readers with many years experience and  have excellent knowledge of there gift and skill. They are only allowed to practice at the centre  after their   knowledge and abilities are fully assessed.  

Below is a number of the services we offer:

 TAROT READING - An in-depth Reading using Tarot Cards
CRYSTAL BALL - A Mystical process  of Reading using a Crystal ball.
PSYCHIC READING - Delivering of information through Psychic Channelling. Mediumship - Deliverance of the Spirit Message





Live readings by telephone

        0906 650 50 50                            0141 427 7003

                            Only 60p per minute                                    £25 for 30 mins - £13 for 15

                                                                                                By Credit/Debit Card 

           Network charges may apply

Learn to read the Tarot Cards

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Contact Ann on 0141 427 0486

After 5pm Monday to friday


Private House Parties and Functions:

If you are having a girls night in and want to add that little bit of spice to it, then give us a call and organise for one of our Fortune Tellers or Psychic's to come along to brighten up your night.

Or if you run a club, pub or organisation why not get us along to give your customers something to cheer up their night out.


 Vouchers can be obtained for any occassion

For more information, Click  contact us

Or call us on 0141 427 7003

From 10am onwards Monday to Friday







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